Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why we have to still believe in Aam Aadmi Party ?

                       The time has become really hard for Aam Aadmi party. Nearly all the pre-poll results are showing a sliding loss to the party. Every self acclaimed intellectual from each corner of India has targeted and criticized the one time favorite group. Party's own men have become hesitant to contest with the party ticket. Common workers are denying the ethics on which the group was formed. Internal turbulence has led to the unwinding situation of anarchy. They have lost the confidence and wandering to the road which ends nowhere. The real question is who would be that person who will bring party to its previous glory. Is there any way or party has already made the biggest mistake of their political career ?

                       First of all we have to see as  what were the reasons for the downfall of the party which was definitely the only hope of common or Mango people. Did it really fail or it was a systematic propaganda to make people believe that it failed? There is no doubt that there were some genuine and basic mistake from party supremo Being a group, which came from people with the moral intent of an imaginable non corrupt India, it should have concentrated on building power. They could have waited for six months and same time concentrated to increase their base. This might have gave better results. But they failed in this task and went with flow of the air.

                        Now if we still forget their first mistake, we can not hide the second mistake of Tughlaq style administration. What did they try was to bring radical changes in the smallest possible time. The timing to bring these changes was not right. Being a party with high morals and ethics having goal of non corrupt India, they must have to be very serious on every single ethic. However, they have shown ardent ethical behavior on some subjects, while for others their behavior was a simply casual. We know how the politics works in India. People here can forgive the biggest riots and murders of Gujarat and Delhi, but they will not forgive a small administrative mistake of Aam Aadmi party. People in India can forgive the scams whose money they can't even count but they don't want to forgive Arvind for his radical changes.

                      The third mistake of Aam Aadmi party was to accuse media. There is no doubt that they have every right to accuse media for its paid news campaign for Congress and BJP. But they might have used media as a tool to aware the irrational people. People here don't understand the language other than that of news which flows continuously for 24 hours.  Print media has totally hijacked the basic analytic power of common Indian people. It was one of the biggest mistakes of political carrier of the party.

                      We have to dissect the role of intellectual writer class of India. Persons who wrote against Kejariwal's party got an immense amount of followers and publicity. This happens because people in India do like to see how the victim behaves when he is accused by any intellectual. They blindly believe in intellectual class and treats every word of them as a bible. How can people except from Kejariwal to go everywhere by using train only?

                      What Kejariwal and his party did was to make people believe in hope. A rational hope where we could live in a non corrupt, non biased and ethical and rational India. People here don't want to change, they have trapped themselves in a vicious cycle of stagnant morals. It was Kejariwal and his brave comrades who took a challenge thrown to them by cunning parties. A man from IIT and India's prestigious civil services took a fight and waged a war with no means.

                       The question is not whether he will succeed or not? we can not measure his achievements and losses in terms of seats he wins or loose. He has already become successful when he took initiative for challenging the stagnant politics of India. His method will succeed or not is not a big issue? rather we should congratulate him for giving us a new way of politics which we want to bring in India. The only thing important in India was to take a brave stand and we can not deny that it was Kejariwal who took this stand.

                      The main challenge ahead would be to initiate agenda to make people believe that we can live non corrupt India. It would be also to make people believe that national idols are not there to keep in books only. For this AAP should concentrate on building power. They should use this time to aware people about the ill works of party which will be in the power. Party need to believe that if their opposition can make people believe in lie by using media then they can also make people believe in truth by using same tool. They have to learn to take a step back. They must learn to adopt party discipline and must learn to take strong action against party's own men for their misbehavior. More that these, being an idealistic party, they must learn to accept their mistake.

                     "Though there will be bad people good ones will always be there. We just need to find them  and believe in them "
                                                                                                              -Abraham Lincoln



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Navneet Kaur Rana, a beauty and her alleged relations with Ravi Rana

                      Whenever I see the names like Navneet Kaur Rana of Amravati's Loksabha Constituency, I remember girl like Helen Kroger who just turned the coarse of world war two with her immortal beauty. The relationship between politicians and beautiful women is not new in India. The famous episode Of Gopal Kanda, Shashi Tharoor and their respective blondes are known to us. Power and beauty are complementary to each other and we have numerous examples to show the relationship between them. Recent hot controversy is from Amravati, a well developed city in Vidarbha.
                      Navneet Kaur Rana, an immortal beauty, a former actress and wife of politician Ravi Rana recently became hot topic of the town as Shivsena MP scurrilously remarked on her character. The issue was simple but deliberately made news making as the heat of Loksabha election is pressurizing whole of the Maharashtra. Shivsena MP was assuming a pseudo fact that all the former models are characterless. His allegations over her character were mainly based on her former film career. Some obscene pictures of Navneet Rana were also circulated on social media websites.

                      What is the earlier connection between Ravi Rana and Navneet Kaur Rana?

                     Ravi Rana is a former builder who has not a good base in the city. He does not possess a sound background. A few years ago he got married with Navneet Kaur. Their marriage was a big ceremony in which nearly thousands of other couple too married. That time issue became hot as Rana promised 100 acres of plot for first 100 couples on random selection basis. But it became a controversy as after ceremony, he refused to give land to those 100 couples. This fraud  has considerably reduced his credibility. Same time he was involved in physically attacking a government officer. People of Amravati believe that it was Ramdeo baba, a supporter of Rana's party who brought out a meeting in between Ravi Rana and Navneet. However, it is not a true as political connections of Rana's family with different builders of Mumbai has resulted in fixing their marriage.

                     Earlier the issue of caste certificate of Navneet Rana came into limelight. Navneet Rana originally belongs to Punjab state and belongs to Labana caste. Since her father was a member of Indian army, she has studied on different places. People in Amravati believed that her husband has fraudulently tampered her caste certificate so that she would be made eligible for reserved schedule caste seat of Amaravati constituency..

                     Why did NCP give ticket to Navneet Kaur Rana?

                    There are basically two theories about this issue. First as why Sharad Pawar chose Navneet Rana over Sulbha Khodke? First basic reason is Navneet Rana's beauty. People in India are so much interested in controversial beauties who have a charisma in their overall attitude. If Congress comes in the power Sharad Pawar might consider her for the post of India's civil aviation minister. Indian media like to follow paparazzi figure. As it has earlier happened with Heena Rabbani Khar, Pakistan's foreign minister, there is huge chance that Navneet will similarly put party on international recognition.
                    Second theory is about Sharad Pawar's political thinking. Navneet Rana is a new in the city while Sulbha Khodke and her husband has a credible ground and base in the city. Sulbha Khodke is a former MLA who has earlier lost to Ravi Rana. People say that Sharad Pawar has a deal with BJP. He indirectly wants BJP to win the election so he has forcefully put a dummy model in front of people of Amravati. Many believe if the magic figure 272 will be difficult for Narendra Modi. then Sharad Pawar might join BJP. So he is not taking this seat serious.

                   Will Navneet Kaur Rana win the election?

                    The first and foremost difficulty in her win is her husband Ravi Rana. He has lost his all value and respect. People are aware of his fraud politics and non developmental goals. So even if someone wants to vote for her he will still hesitate. Second reason is unhappy Khodke group which is the main obstacle in the election. They do think that Sharad Pawar has betrayed with them. So they have formed a lobby to block the win of Navneet Rana. At the same time anti incumbency factor related to Congress-NCP government will also play an important role. It will be a fight between an attitude of a magical beauty and nerve holding capacity of the people of Amravati. History says that it is the beauty which has finally won. In that context it will be interesting to see as who will become the new boss of Amravati City.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 Inspirational stories of civil servants which an IAS aspirant must know.

                        When the river Brahmaputra enters in India from china, its path expands and slows down in Assam. On the bank of it there is a district named as Jorhat. Every morning at about four am a lady wakes up and goes for jogging of about 12 km in a run. However, people don't really call it as a jogging as some forty to fifty policemen travel with her on the bicycle. She runs and they follow mainly because she wants every policeman of her district as a fit parson. The amazing thing is that she runs another 12 kilometer back  to original place and this time there is new platoon of Police officers.

                      . It is a daily routine and till the article is been written there remain only  four policemen in the district whose belly is to be reduced. So what drives a lady  to do such kind of things? specially after preparing for few rigorous years to enter in prestigious civil services exams. Does all qualities remain embedded from the birth? Or she acquired it for the beautiful struggle of her life?

                        Preparing for civil services is a cruel joke. You have to push your limits to its optimum level without any marginalization. You have to understand that your body is not what you are in real. The physical limits have to be forgotten for achieving results. You have to isolate and recognize yourself carefully. You have to carve victory out of nothing.

                       Vishwas Nagare Patil, the IPS officer of the government of India used to wake up at 3 am in the morning. He used to catch his train by 4 am to reach his nearby library. He used to study there till 10 pm and then again used to come back to his room only to find himself preparing for next morning local train. He said that you have to believe in yourself without really thinking about the situation.

                       Planning is an important aspect for a civil servant aspirant. We have to plan every day to achieve perfection. Going for depth and understanding of crux ideas is equally important. If you leave some concepts for some other day then be sure that it will haunt you in the examination.

                       If you think that situation might be a constraint in your success then you must follow the example of Govind Jaiswal. The man who used to study in 10 by 10 room with four other family members. According to him coaching is not important if you can handle the basic concepts. If you have guts then everything will follow. A situation was there when he have to borrow money from his aunt in order to buy shoes for the interview. Everything might have finished if he would not have been selected. But he fought with the situations irrespective of its consequences and achieved the ultimate success.

                       Initially no one even including toppers know about their success. You can predict it only after securing the seat. Same time the question of small town mindset with inferiority complex should not be a problem. E-commerce websites can make you available any material in smallest possible time. Similarly every aspect is available on the internet with just a click away. You just need to have a genuine interest and coach will appear automatically.

                         IAS is a dream for many Indians. For that they dare to compete with 7 lac competitors. When someone takes decision to prepare for Union Public Service Commission's exam, it is a sign of an extraordinary act of valor. A small decision without any guaranty for success is itself a courageous act. The efforts one take during these years are not the wastage. If IAS doesn't strike then somehow one uses it to succeed in any field of life. Only real men accepts the challenge. They have the courage and urge for their nation so that they can go for any level to achieve it. If your intention is right then nothing can stop you from achieving success. There is a law of universe that every civil services aspirant must know.

                        If you will do the required the hard work without really thinking about output then whole universe will come to rescue you.