Why Winston Churchill's those comments still hurt India.

                      He may be regarded as the one of the greatest heroes of world war two. People might have considered him as the greatest savior of mankind. He might have inspired the whole world by his extraordinary oratory skills and great wisdom. Or in simpler words, he might have saved the world from the anarchy of Nazism. However, as far as India is considered, the people are not very much fond of this wizard.

Did Narendra Modi challenge the United states by not signing WTO agreement ?

                   The ripples which reverberate after India's refusal to become signatory of historical WTO agreement fascinated Indian diaspora. They saw it as the emergence Narendra Modi on international stage. It was not the case that he was not known on international stage. The Washington think tank was keeping watch on his every move since last 12 year.

Beware, Maharashtra's people are not fools

              Maharashtra has always been a home of one of the greatest personalities of India. The state of Shivaji has always defined and nurtured some highest ethical morals. Whenever there was vacuum created whether in social political or economical sector, the state has always produced some excellent skilled talent.

The pros and cons of Maratha reservation

           "Religion is what which keeps poor men from murdering rich ones " When Napoleon Bonaparte actually told this, he did not know that after some three hundred years, some weird government would change his historical quote. Today government of Maharashtra not only changed it but gone further and brought some complex definition that it's not religion but the castes which keep poor people from murdering the rich ones. 

Is Nirmal Baba third eye program a fraud

                  Whenever our ability to reason out on the things ends, we do start  believing  in any miracle which comes in front of us. When Jayant Naralikar quoted this sentence in one of his books, his intention was  clear. He nearly believed that superstition in India will never going to vanish. Today, sad part of the story is that we have turned his simple assumption into a universal conclusion.

Why Maneka Gandhi was thrown out by Indira Gandhi

                 Power does corrupt and if someone achieves it in excess then it corrupts absolutely. The above universal sentence suits perfectly to Maneka Gandhi, who is the current cabinet minister in Modi Government. Some thirty years back Khushwant Singh, a noted columnist predicted a correct forecast that she would become a dominating personality in Indian Politics. Today his prediction seems to be absolutely correct with Maneka Gandhi getting a prominent position in the Cabinet.

What does India need to do to participate in FIFA world-cup

            The official FIFA rankings states  that India ranks 164th in the total 209 football playing countries of the world. A half a century old question still persists as why Indian football team can't be able to participate in the world cup?  Why a country with some  125 crore people and some 40 crore youth population can't master such a game? What are the real constraint when raw talent is abundantly available in India.

What is the command and control to launch nuclear warhead in India ?

                  Like USA, India is a democratic country. The main difference between these two is that  former is the non-parliamentary form of system while latter is the parliamentary form of system. Thus in USA executive is separate of the legislator while in India it solely depends upon the legislator. In USA president has the veto power in almost any case. However, it does not mean that he can launch it anytime.