What happened to men who slapped Ministers and MLA's

         Remember Harvinder Singh, who slapped Sharad Pawar, one of the most powerful leaders of Maharashtra in November 2011. At that time Sharad Pawar was the Union Minister for agriculture of India. He did not react when the incidence happened. It's said that one who reacts at such a critical situation is not considered to be a good leader. An excellent leader is a person who waits for the right time and then hit back.

          People who have visited Baramati, constituency and  stronghold of Sharad Pawar, knows what the word Sharad Pawar stands for. The minister has taken Indian and specially Maharashtra’s politics at the new level. The kind of outrage which evolved when the minister was humiliated by Australian team at the post match presentation ceremony is known to the people. One of the strong reasons for the down fall of Anna's civil society was the comment given by Anna Hajare after Sharad Pawar was slapped by the Harvinder Singh. Anna said “Ak hi maara?”, which means- Did he get only one slap? 

          The interesting part of the story is as what happened to the Harvinder Singh after the event. He was not touched at the police station for about a month. But after two or three months goons of Pawar started to harass him. On February  15, he was abducted and seriously hammered up which caused minor fractures in his hand. On February 25, he was again kidnapped slapped and again bitten so that he nearly failed unconscious. 

              People in his area told that even his family was not spared. Government agency removed his gas connection and tried to suffocate his family on every single event. He was again hammered seriously when he went to launch complaint in the police station.

             Many people believe that Harvinder was disturbed by the wrong policy of the government, tremendous amount of corruption and nonparallel practices of ministers which are based on considering particular section of the society. Harvinder had earlier slapped two or three MLAs for the same reason. He said that he was not afraid of any more threats but repeated that his family is under a huge danger.

                The other incident happened in my hometown with the son of the  Pratibha Devisingh Shekhavat Patil, former president of India. Raosaheb Shekhawat MLA from the city and son of the former president was distributing prizes for the Dahihandi competition when a man named Umbarkar went on to the stage and repeatedly slapped MLA. Within no time Commissioner of police who was on stage took control of the situation. Police took Shekhwat to safe place for medical examination and culprit was first taken to police station and then to another police station. While shifting him from one police station to another, city police gave him the uniform of police constable so that he would be unrecognized by the angry congress workers.

                 We have to look at other side, as what prompts these men to take such daring and courageous step. In case of Gajanan Umbarkar, it was the frustration caused by deliberate continuous failure, which caused wasting eight precious years of his life. He argued that he failed in exams only because of deliberate and haphazard policies of college authority for 8 continuous years. 

                 The college is run by the Shekhavat family and it’s a fact that he has a hand in ruining the life of the man. One other thing which crowd and supporters of the minister never understand that for doing such type of act, it requires hell of the courage. No person does these kinds of acts without having strong reason. 

                 Politician never thinks for a single time before issuing any guideline and bringing new policy. However it's definitely not the good way to slap any Minister. There are thousands of way to show the protest. At the same time we as a human being will have to look at the seriousness of the problem of these people then and only then we can go towards a new India.

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